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Introducing Enchantmints Artist: Denise Marshall

If you’re looking for a horse (or fairy!) music box, you might not expect to find the green fields, yellow flowers, and frisky fairies that features in our Horse Fairy treasure box. We're so glad you're here to take it all in :-)

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Introducing Enchantmints Artist: Denise Marshall

Denise Marshall is a multi-media artist and illustrator who embodies the heart of whimsy and delightful imagination.  She is also the talented illustrator/painter behind much of the artwork that features on Enchantmints products.  And today, it’s our pleasure to introduce her to you properly!

Denise creates illustrations, paintings, and felted nature creations.  She is a longtime illustration collaborator with a variety of different companies, not just Enchantmints.  

The owl and fairy painting above is one of her, naturally 🌝

Interview with Denise Marshall

What were you like as a child?

I was born in Venice CA, a quarter mile from the ocean. As a child I was rather shy and introverted, the youngest of four siblings. The beach offered a perfect backdrop to create castles for imaginary royalty.  I was always inquisitive and a lover of animals.  At age eight we moved to Pennsylvania which offered a whole new side of nature. I would walk along the railroad track into the wood, lost among the trees. I loved making and creating miniature pieces for my dolls and animals. I often spent time in my “other world” through books and my own imagination. It was safe there, holding a warm and magical kindness.

How do you go about your creative process?

My creative process is forever tugging at me! Ideas will come in the quiet hours of dawn. They just appear. I could work 24/7 the rest of my life and never complete them all! I keep lists.

How do you keep things fresh for yourself in your work life?

It’s not difficult as I am able to create what I like for the most part although I do take on commissioned work. I enjoy teaching needle felting to pass on what I have learned. At times, when I am asked to do more than one of something, they take on a life of their own which keeps away the doldrums. Every piece I create comes alive, has a name, a personality and my energy. They become a part of my family until they become a part of someone else’s.

Would you tell us about a favorite little character or two that you’ve created?

My connection with England plays a strong role in my work and my lineage. I spent time there as a teen. “Bellinwood Forest” is the home of a whole family of characters including Tallewig, a small purple dragon, Fig, a rather thin elfin girl with magic in her hat, and Hesper the shy Hedgehog artist who paints all the beauty of the forest.

What’s got you excited lately?

My new excitement is my first ever public studio in Petaluma CA, where I will teach needle felting sculpture and display my world of whimsy. Please do follow me down the rabbit hole!

I hope you have enjoyed getting to know Denise a little today.  

You will find the sweetest cards, prints, and coloring books on her website.  She also teaches needle felt sculpting at “Castle in the Air” In Berkeley CA.  And we highly recommend you follow her Instagram to meet some of the delightful felted friends that she creates.

What are some favorite artists that you follow and enjoy? We'd love to know!

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